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“ We are proud to have represented a Local 3 Electrician in a motor vehicle accident that settled before trial this month. The Plaintiff suffered an exacerbation of a prior injury to his lower back that required surgery. As a result of the accident he was unable to return to his job as an electrician. The defendant’s insurance company claimed the injuries were not from the accident but instead from his years of heavy construction work. As a result, the initial settlement offer was $0. After two 4 hour mediations we were able to convince the mediator and the insurance company to offer $2.5M to settle the case before trial. We feel privileged to have represented another injured New York City construction worker and get his family the money they need to cope with his devastating injuries. “

“1.4 million dollar settlement for a non-union scaffold worker who injured his head, neck, back, shoulder and both knees when a scaffold partially collapsed, leaving him dangling from a lanyard ten stories above.

A tower frame alongside a building on the Dumbo waterfront broke and swung outward, causing the scaffold worker to fall nearly ten feet over the edge, where he was found dangling from a lanyard approximately ten stories above the ground.  Our investigation, including interviews with witnesses and our engineer’s subsequent inspection of the scaffold tower, revealed the couplers that secured the frames together failed, bending, breaking and causing the collapse.

The building owner and general contractor, who were responsible for furnishing safe and adequate scaffolding so as to give proper protection to the worker, were held responsible accordingly.   This settlement will provide this then 37-year-old father of four with compensation for the pain, suffering and medical expenses caused by this incident, easing the financial burden he and his family has faced for the past three years.


“New Jersey Superior Court, Union County – Client was a 46 year old Albanian construction worker who was driving in New Jersey and was rear ended by a rack truck.  He sustained neck and lower back injuries to the extent he had a one level cervical spine fusion surgery, several epidural injections, and physical therapy. He could not return to employment because of his injuries.

The case was settled for $1,315,000.00. “


$13.2M: A jury returned a verdict for an injured construction worker who fell four feet from a crane on the 2nd Avenue Subway project. The worker suffered torn ligaments in his shoulder that required surgery and post-concussion symptoms including short term memory loss and difficulty with his executive functioning.

$4,500,000.00 – A settlement for a Union Carpenter who permanently injured his back, lifting a steel beam into a service elevator.

$4,000,000.00: A settlement from an insurance company, after it was determined that a construction worker needed surgery and would not be able to return to construction work.

$3,295,000.00: A verdict against the New York City Transit Authority for a janitor who slipped and fell down an outdoor subway staircase during a rainstorm.

$3,250,000.00: A settlement for a scaffold worker who injured his neck and back after being struck by a falling scaffold pipe.

$2,250,000.00: A settlement on behalf of a non-union laborer who sustained permanent injuries to his neck, back and knees at a Jamaica Avenue construction site in Queens.

$2,000,000.00: A settlement for a construction worker who fell from an unsecured ladder while installing sheetrock, resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury and herniation’s to his neck requiring cervical fusion surgery.

$1,525,000.00: A settlement from the City of New York and another defendant for a laborer who sustained back injuries at a Bronx construction site.

$1,500,000.00: A settlement for a woman walking on the sidewalk, who injured her neck and back after being struck by a fork-lift.

$1,250,000.00: A settlement for a plumber who tripped over pieces of debris at a construction site, injuring different areas of his lower back.

$700,000.00: A settlement at mediation for a construction worker who fell through an open elevator shaft during construction of a Manhattan high-rise sustaining injuries to his shoulder and knee, requiring arthroscopic surgeries.

$600,000.00: A settlement for a worker who fell off a scaffold, injuring his knee and shoulder.

$387,500.00: A settlement for a construction worker who fell off a roof, injuring his leg and foot.

$240,000.00: A settlement for a construction worker who fell into an open hole at a construction site, injuring his shoulder and neck.

$200,000.00: A settlement for a construction worker who was cutting metal and sustained lacerations to his arm.

$165,000.00: A settlement for a construction worker who fell from a ladder, sustaining injuries to his neck.

$160,000.00: A settlement for a construction worker who sustained an injury when a cellar door closed on his foot.