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At the Construction Accident Law Resource, our construction attorneys utilize their years of experience in construction law to represent a wide range of clients in construction litigation across the Tri-State Area. The construction industry has the distinction of having one of the highest numbers of worker deaths in the United States. The Tri-State Area has special provisions to address the unique dangers faced by construction workers. Workers at construction sites are routinely subject to dangerous conditions and potentially serious injury. Working on a construction site may be one of the most dangerous jobs, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve protection. You have rights and those rights should be strongly fought for if you are suffering from a construction site injury.

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“ We are proud to have represented a Local 3 Electrician in a motor vehicle accident that settled before trial this month. The Plaintiff suffered an exacerbation of a prior injury to his lower back that required surgery. As a result of the accident he was unable to return to his job as an electrician. The defendant’s insurance company claimed the injuries were not from the accident but instead from his years of heavy construction work. As a result, the initial settlement offer was $0. Read More….

“1.4 million dollar settlement for a non-union scaffold worker who injured his head, neck, back, shoulder and both knees when a scaffold partially collapsed, leaving him dangling from a lanyard ten stories above.

A tower frame alongside a building on the Dumbo waterfront broke and swung outward, causing the scaffold worker to fall nearly ten feet over the edge, where he was found dangling from a lanyard approximately ten stories above the ground. Read More….


“New Jersey Superior Court, Union County – Client was a 46 year old Albanian construction worker who was driving in New Jersey and was rear ended by a rack truck.  He sustained neck and lower back injuries to the extent he had a one level cervical spine fusion surgery, several epidural injections, and physical therapy. He could not return to employment because of his injuries.

The case was settled for $1,315,000.00. “


  • A union construction worker was awarded -$4,000,000
  • A construction worker fell from a crane -$13,200,000
  • A scaffold worker was awarded – $3,250,000
  • A janitorial worker was awarded – $2,900,000
  • A construction worker was awarded – $2,200,000
  • A construction worker fell off of a ladder – $1,500,000
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