How to Prevent Construction Site Accidents

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Construction site accidents are common. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one out of every five workplace deaths is due to construction site accident.
Construction sites are often filled with equipment, machinery, trucks, materials, and falling debriswhich increases the risk of accidents. Although, construction sites can be dangerous for workers, there are steps that can be taken to ensure safety.

Steps To Prevent Construction Site Accidents:

  1. Provide safety training: Train all employees on workplace safety standards and associated hazards. Workers should also review the health and safety policies for their job. Employees should not be allowed to operate any equipment they are not trained to use.
  2. Employee safety meetings: Employees should be reminded to stay focused and relevant safety issues should be addressed in these meetings.
  3. Use protective clothing and gear: Workers should always use the recommended safety equipment for their jobs. These include hard hat, high-visibility clothing, goggles, gloves, steel-toed shoes, and a protective suit.
  4. Keep the work place clean: Materials should be properly stored at the end of the work day. The work site should always be debris-free. This will prevent slips, trips, or falls at the site.
  5. Regularly maintain equipment and tools: Before using a piece of equipment or machinery, the operator should check that it is in proper working condition. Any broken or malfunctioning gear can cause serious injuries or deaths.
  6. Fall protection measures: Falls are the leading cause of fatalities. Employers should ensure that fall protection measures are taken such as installing of guardrails, screens, canopy structures or nets.
  7. Site inspection: Before starting a project, the site should be inspected for safety hazards. A risk assessment can protect workers’ health and safety. After completing the risk assessment, a list of preventive measures should be made and implemented.
  8. Use of vehicles: Many fatal accidents on work sites involve vehicles. Workers should be encouraged to practice parking, backing up and defensive driving techniques.
  9. Use equipment as instructed in the manuals: Construction tools or equipment should be used as designed. Failing to do so can be dangerous and can cause serious injuries to operators. It can also cause damage to the equipment.
  10. Follow OSHA guidelines and report any dangerous working conditions: Neglecting the OSHA procedures increases the risk of construction site injuries. Violations of OSHA regulations should be recorded and reported for the safety of all involved.

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