What are the Four Most Common Fatal Construction Accidents?

According to OSHA, the “fatal four” construction accidents are:

Falls: Construction work involves people climbing to great heights. Falls account for the most injuries and fatalities at construction sites every year. Falls may be caused by portable ladders, unguarded steel rebars, wall openings, unprotected edges and floor holes.

Electrocution: Electrocution is another leading cause of construction-related injuries and deaths. Power lines, inadequate grounding and faulty power lines are some of the most common reasons for electrocutions at construction sites.

Struck by an object: ‘Struck by an object’ injuries occur when workers are hit by vehicles or other objects at construction sites. ‘Struck by an object’ accidents happen very suddenly and leave very little time for workers to react and move out of the way.

Caught in between: ‘Caught in between’ accidents happen when a worker’s body parts are caught, crushed or squeezed between two or more objects and can occur when there is unguarded machinery or equipment rollovers.