Construction Accidents Due to Defective Equipment

Construction Accidents

Workers at construction sites are required to work with powerful tools, machinery and equipment on a regular basis. They put themselves at a greater risk of injury if the equipment and machinery are defective. Injuries may include deep lacerations, amputations, severe burns, electrocutions and head, neck or back injuries.

Some of the most common defects in machinery and equipment include:

  • Inadequate or non-existent safety guards and shields
  • Defective power and emergency switches
  • Defective wiring
  • Insufficient directions and safety warnings

Workers who become injured due to defective construction equipment can generally recover damages for their injuries by filing a Workers’ Compensation claim. Additionally, if the injuries were the result of defects in machinery or equipment, they may also file product liability claims.
Workers’ Compensation claim: Under Workers’ Compensation, injured workers are entitled to receive medical expenses and a percentage of their lost wages from their employers. However, they must prove that the injuries took place on the job.
Product liability claim: If the injuries were caused by defects in equipment or machinery, injured victims can recover damages from third parties by filing a product liability claim. However, victims must prove that the equipment was defectively designed, manufactured or marketed.
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