Construction Accident Eye Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

Construction Accident Eye Injuries

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, thousands of ‘on the job’ eye injuries occur every day. Workers who suffer an ‘on the job’ eye injury may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits for their injuries.

The Causes of Work Accident Eye Injuries
Some of the most common causes for ‘on the job’ eye injuries include:

  • Debris from hammering, sanding or masonry work
  • Windy conditions which blow debris into the eye
  • Sparks and UV radiation from welding
  • Exposure of the eye to powdered cement

Workers’ Compensation for Work Accident Eye Injuries
Workers who suffer ‘on the job’ eye injuries are eligible for Workers’ Compensation. The first thing to do after getting medical help is report your eye injury to your employer. You may then file a Workers’ Compensation claim within one year of the date of the injury. Workers’ Compensation benefits can be used to cover:

  • Medical expenses associated with diagnosing and treating your eye injury, including costs for seeing an eye specialist
  • Costs for therapy or special treatment procedures
  • Costs for medications and other items needed for your treatment
  • A portion of your lost wages if you missed work due to the injury

Contact Our Construction Accident Lawyer
Eye injuries can become serious, regardless how small the initial injury may be. If you or someone you love has suffered an ‘on the job’ eye injury, contact the construction accident lawyers at the Construction Accident Law Resource. Our experienced and knowledgeable construction accident attorneys are waiting to help you. Call 866-700-0657 or email

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